Guitar Guide #3( How to read guitar tabs)

Guitar Tabs

guitar tabs saurabhmusic

What are guitar tabs? Well it is just a written interpretation of how we are going to play a specific song or a piece on a guitar. 

How to read guitar tabs? Before answering this question, we should know the names of all strings in a guitar.

guitar tabs saurabhmusic
Guitar Tabs
name of strings saurabhmusic
Name of strings

Name of the Strings

Now, Starting with the thickest string the names of the strings are as follows;-







We can even make some sentences with the initials of every strings for remembering them, For example, Elephants And Dogs Grows big ears., or starting with the thinnest strings we can make, every beautiful Girl Deserve An Eye., and at last my favorite one..

Eddy Ate Dynamite Good bye eddy.

How to read Guitar Tabs

Now let us finally understand that how we are going to read guitar tabs. 

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