Guitar Guide #2(How to tune your Guitar?)

How to tune your guitar? How to make it sound right? Well, the answer is simple. Just read my blogs :p .Hi, in this blog I’ll be guiding you that how you can get your guitar tuned, all on your own. So lets begin.

Types of tuners

Firstly, we are going to explore different ways and, through which you can get your guitar tuned.

1.) Physical Tuners

Generally these tuners are called clip on tuner, as the name suggests these tuners can be attached on the end of a guitar by its clip.

In some clip on tuners or digital tuners you may need to set sound frequency. The standard tuning frequency for tuning guitars is 440Hz.

saurabhmusic guitar tuners

2.) Mobile Apps

There are many apps available to tune your guitar. And yeh, mobile applications, are more popular for tuning other  than physical tuners now a days. Although, physical tuners have there own importance under certain conditions. you can read one of my blog where I have discussed different tuners and their utility. Click here to read!

Guitar Tuna is the most downloaded and popular mobile app for tuning guitars, also there are other apps too, which you may consider, but Guitar Tuna is personally my favorite.

You can download guitar tuna by clicking on the following links below:-

For android click here!

For Ios click here!

It doesn’t matter whether you are using a physical tuner or a mobile application, the method for tuning is almost same in both.

Basically all tuner (both physical & mobile apps) has the same interface, some might not. I have given an example of basic interface of a tuner in the adjacent image. So to begin with, we have name of the strings mentioned and a little indicator in the middle, and this little guy is going to tell us that the string is in right tune or not .



Now if the indicator is going on left side, it means that you need to tighten the string by rotating tuning keys in your guitar in a direction where it will be making the pitch of the string higher and higher.



And if the indicator is going on right side, it means that you need to loosen the string by rotating tuning keys in your guitar in a direction where it will be making the pitch of the string lower.

Keep strumming the string while moving tuning keys, and when the string is perfectly tuned, the indicator will come at center with a green color(in GuitarTuna and may be in some physical tuners too.). That’s how you’re going to make your guitar sound good.

That’s it for this blog. And if you have any doubts, questions, suggestions etc., comment area is all yours. See you in my next blog. how to tune your guitar?

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