Guitar Guide #1(Knowing your Guitar)|Learn guitar for free

1.) Choosing a right guitar.learn guitar for free

First thing that you’re gonna need to learn a guitar is a guitar that suits you. I’ve already posted a blog dedicated to the topic “how to choose your first guitar.” In that blog I’ve discussed some key pints to check before buying any guitar, and also suggested a list of guitars to choose from. You can check out that blog here, or by taping/clicking on the image on the right/down.  If you already have a guitar you’re welcome to skip this part. 🙂

Things you should know before buying an acoustic guitar
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2.) Exploring your guitar.

Now, we’re going to explore your new guitar, And I am going to tell you about different parts of guitar and their use. Also it will be really quick. 

Neck & Fretboard

You’ll be holding this with your left hand, and front face of neck is called the fretboard. 

tuning keys

Tuning keys

These are used to tune the strings.


Nut is the plastic like thing and is found just below the tuning keys. Used for placing strings in a right manner for pleasant sound.

guitar nut
guitar bridge


It is the wooden block like piece found on the upper body of a guitar. it holds strings from the upper side.


Saddle is the plastic stick like thing on the bridge. It give strings appropriate position so that they sound well.

Guitar Saddle

That’s it for this section. now you can proceed to next section where you’ll be learning to tune your guitar.

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